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Torralba cheese is produced with raw milk, and it is prepared accurately following the same traditional methods that we have been using for decades.

The unmatched quality flavour of milk is the result of healthy cows raised in total freedom and fed only in selected pasture. Our cows, mostly Frisian breed, are milked daily and this milk is transported into special tanks.

The only substances added to the milk are rennet, lactic ferments and salt. This salt is a natural preservative and it is the essential ingredient for the intense and authentic flavour of our cheese.

The "fogasser", a white piece of cloth used to cover the curdled milk, is tied up with a string called “cordill”, and placed under a press. This process allows the whey or residual liquid to come off to the surface of the piece.

The maturation process complies with strict health inspections and is carried out in specialized cellars where the cheese pieces rest on wooden bars for months. Each piece is greased with olive oil and paprika to provide the cheese’s skin with the proper elasticity.

The traditional method to produce and ripen the Torralba cheese ensures that each piece of cheese is unique and varies lightly in weight and measure. There are not two identical pieces of cheese, and that is the guarantee certificate of our product.

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